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Our Cardiology Offerings

We are proud to offer veterinary cardiology services delivered by our board-certified veterinary cardiologist, who specializes in diagnosing and treating heart conditions in dogs and cats. Our services extend to pet owners and primary care veterinarians across Northwest Washington, spanning from Seattle all the way up to Bellingham. We strive to ensure that pets receive the highest level of cardiac care, helping them lead a happy, heart-healthy life.

Veterinary Cardiology Services:
– Echocardiograms: Special equipment is used to take detailed pictures of your pet’s heart, helping to identify any problems or abnormalities.
– Electrocardiography: Small sensors are placed on your pet’s body that measures the electrical activity of your their heart. This helps to detect any irregularities in their heart rhythm.
– Radiograph analysis: Our board-certified cardiologist carefully examines X-ray images of your pet’s chest to evaluate the size, shape, and condition of their heart.
– 24-48 hour Holter monitoring and analysis: Your pet wears a portable device that continuously records their heart activity for one to two days. This helps to identify any irregularities in their heart rhythm that may not be captured during a regular examination.

Veterinary Cardiology Treatments:
– Medical management of Cardiac Disease (heart disease): Our board-certified veterinary cardiologist develops personalized treatment plans that may include medication, dietary changes, and lifestyle recommendations to manage your pet’s heart condition and improve their overall heart health.
– Thoracocentesis: In some cases, our team may need to remove excess fluid from around your pet’s lungs to improve their breathing and relieve discomfort.
– Medication recommendations: Our board-certified  veterinary cardiologist prescribes medications specifically tailored to your pet’s heart condition to help control symptoms, manage their condition, and improve their heart health.
– Patient follow-ups: Our team schedules regular check-ups to monitor your pet’s progress, assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best outcomes for their heart health.

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