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Diagnostic Imaging

Our Diagnostic Imaging Offerings

We offer radiographs and ultrasounds for dog owners, cat owners, and primary care veterinarians.

Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital utilizes many imaging techniques such as digital radiography and ultrasonography to help obtain accurate diagnoses and to guide effective therapy for your pet. Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital is pleased to provide these services through our specialty services as well as to provide outpatient ultrasounds.


Ultrasound uses sound waves, instead of x-rays, to create a diagnostic image. We currently offer ultrasounds of the abdomen and neck in dogs and cats. Ultrasounds can help to identify various changes within the body. In order for the ultrasound machine to create the best possible diagnostic image of your pet, the area of interest needs to be clipped of all hair. This might mean a large haircut depending on your pet’s size. While the use of ultrasound is painless, your pet might require sedation if they are painful or uncomfortable. Your pet should be fasted the morning of the procedure in case sedation is needed and to prevent food in the stomach from blocking the view of other organs. If your pet requires sedation, we will make sure they have recovered fully prior to leaving our clinic. Fine needle aspirates of organs or lymph nodes can also be performed with ultrasound guidance, depending on the size and location of the desired area. All of our ultrasounds are read by our board-certified radiologist and the finalized report will be sent to your veterinarian within several days of the scan.

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