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Our mission through veterinary oncology is to give pet owners more good days with their beloved companion.

Our Oncology Offerings

We are dedicated to giving you more good days with your four-legged family member through our specialized veterinary oncology services. Led by our board-certified veterinary oncologist, along with their team of veterinary experts, we offer a variety of treatment options for oncological (related to cancer) diseases in pets. Treatment options include chemotherapy, surgical interventions, and immunotherapies including novel treatments such as ELIAS T-Cell Immunotherapy. Rest assured that we will explore every avenue available to provide the best possible care for your pet, because we believe that moments matter and are committed to maximizing the precious time you have with your beloved companion.

Oncological Disease Treatment Services

  • Lymphoma and Leukemia
  • Mast cell tumor management
  • Osteosarcoma treatment
  • Transitional cell carcinoma care
  • Anal sac and perianal tumor therapies
  • Hemangiosarcoma treatment
  • Melanoma diagnosis and treatment
  • Thyroid and other endocrine tumor management
  • Soft tissue sarcoma treatments
  • Nasal tumor assessment and care
  • Oral tumor diagnosis and therapies
  • Mammary tumor management
  • Squamous cell carcinoma treatment
  • Lung tumor assessment and treatment
  • Abdominal tumor diagnosis and care
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue tumor therapies

Cancer Diagnostic Services

  • Fine Needle Aspirates with Cytology
  • Biopsies with Histopathology
  • Immunocytochemistry Analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry Testing
  • Immunophenotyping Evaluation
  • Flow Cytometry Analysis
  • PARR (PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangement) Testing
  • Fido Cure DNA Sequencing

Diagnostic Imaging Services

Therapeutic Treatments

  • Individualized chemotherapy protocols tailored to your pet’s needs
  • Pharmacokinetic-based dosing of chemotherapy for optimal treatment
  • Immunological and biological treatments to boost the immune system
    • Administration of Palladia, a targeted therapy for certain cancers
    • Merial Melanoma Vaccine, for specific cases
    • ELIAS T-cell Immunotherapy, for advanced treatment options of osteosarcoma
  • Consultations for assessing the suitability of surgery and/or radiation therapy
  • Administration of Palladia, a targeted therapy for certain cancers
  • Nutritional support to optimize your pet’s health during treatment
  • Pain management strategies to ensure comfort and well-being
  • Palliative care to improve quality of life
  • 24-hour emergency care in collaboration with Animal Emergency Care for immediate assistance
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